Welcome! I’m Giada.

I am a Soulful Mentor and I help you develop your leadership to achieve your idea of success, in work and in life, without giving up your soul or time for yourself.

Working with me means redefining your ideas around power, money and work until you are determined to reclaim your freedom and build the revolutionary change you dream of bringing to the world.

Are you ready to become who you were born to be?

Start walking your own path

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Whatever your starting point, my online journeys will teach you with decision and depth to create the change you want in your life, your work and the world without giving up any part of yourself or any of your dreams. There is only one condition: you must get serious about your transformation and take responsibility for your success. Are you ready?

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Among these magic-soaked chats you’ll find solutions and inspirations to feed the change-hungry leader in you: I and the other wonderful women I interview from time to time talk about empowerment, intuition, business and money, and beware, each post has a high level of depth and is likely to make you change your life immediately!

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Here you’ll find lots of gifts I’ve prepared for you: online courses, webinars, challenges, you name it. You are spoiled for choice and you just have to select your favorite resource and download it. Or why choose, enjoy them all, right? There’s just one thing you need to know: even in my free courses there’s hard work involved, so be prepared!

Soulful Leaders

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Are you among those who believe that leadership is a divine gift bestowed upon a few and that the only ones who can change the world are the leaders who are already in what we commonly identify as positions of power?

Well, my dear, know that by cultivating this idea you are surrendering to the feeling that you have no real power: maybe you think there is no compelling political alternative in your country and you feel hopeless every time you vote or the government does something you don’t agree with, maybe when you’re unhappy with your job you just suck it up, convinced that you can only be content with the present reality, maybe even the big events you witness, like climate change, seem inexorable and inevitable to you and, even when you’re committed to doing your part, it always feels like what you do in your own small way doesn’t matter much after all.

The truth is that to linger in this idea of leadership, with the inevitable feeling of powerlessness that it brings, is the most effective way to maintain the very status quo that you don’t like, to sustain the patriarchal concept of power that has prevailed until now, and to continue delegating the reality of your possibilities to the society and the situation in which you find yourself.

It is to unhinge this concept of power and give you a new point of view that I have created Soulful Leaders, a revolutionary membership where you can develop your personal leadership and create, together with a great group of women like you, a real impact on the things you can’t stand in the world: challenging the conditioning you have on hierarchies, on your real opportunities and on what it means to be a leader and to exercise power is the only way to fully honor the person you were born to become and make the contribution you are called to bring to the world: do you accept the challenge?

Soulful Vision

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Cultivating a long-term vision for your business is critical to make it work and stay calm, motivated and grounded no matter what is happening outside.

It’s an essential foundation to pay attention to if you want to achieve success without losing your true nature, but this can be so hard to do if you don’t know where to start, if you don’t give importance to this fundamental work or if you let circumstances and limiting beliefs that we breathe every day stop you from dreaming big.

Soulful Vision is a magical course that I developed to help you create a solid and powerful vision for your future and, above all, to teach you how to honor it on a daily basis despite the hectic pace of work and the thousands of unforeseen events that can happen in life, which eventually lead you to focus only on the more practical aspects of your business, making you forget the dreams that gave birth to it.

Leadership and archetypes

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There is no single definition of leadership and, sadly, the ones we are most used to are very often harmful to us and helpful to the patriarchy. Here you can find out what I mean when I talk about leadership, why it’s critical to develop your own, and why I believe archetypes are the most useful tool for this purpose.

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The archetypes of the goddesses are, among the many tools I use in my work, the one I prefer, not only for the magic and power they hold, but also because they allow you to get deep, incredible and lasting results in a short time. Here I explain why I chose this tool and what has been my path of research.

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As with any tool, the outcome you get through working with archetypes depends entirely on who uses them and how. So, at a time when goddess work is thankfully extra trendy, it’s important that you understand my truly unique and profound approach to this tool to know if it’s right for you.

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