Welcome! I’m Giada.

I’m a Soulful Mentor and I help you to achieve success in your online business without giving up any time for yourself.

I mix pragmatism and spirituality, teaching you to create your personal balance through a more effective organization, a consistent dose of inspiration and a simple daily spiritual practice.

I have a strict no-fluff policy and tough love is my way!

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Whatever stage your soulful online business is at, you’ll definitely find something here that will help you create the success you dream of without sacrificing the freedom you want in your life. Do you prefer an online course or a group programme, or do you want me to be your very own Soulful Mentor? 


My work was born from my desire to empower women, which is why I always create a special bond with my clients. Here you can meet some of my dearest ones, to read about the time we spent together and how the path we shared changed their soulful businesses according to their dreams.


Awesomeness for Soulfulpreneurs is my free monthly newsletter that gives you a detailed report of my business activity during the previous month. We’ll talk about money, marketing and the ups and downs of being self employed, and you’ll find a lot of practical advice.


To foster a long term vision for your business is essential to make it work and remain peaceful, motivated and rooted no matter what’s going on out there.

It’s something fundamental to take care of if you want to achieve success without losing your soul, but it can be very hard to do so if you have no idea where to start, if you don’t give this work the right importance or if you let the circumstances and limiting beliefs we breathe daily forbid you to dream big. 

Premiere is a magical course that I created just to help you build a strong and powerful vision for your future and, moreover, to teach you to honor it daily regardless of frantic rhythms and the unexpected that in the end usually make you focus only on the more practical side of your business, making you forget all about the dreams it was born from. 

Awesomeness for Soulfulpreneurs