Hello! I’m Giada, the only mentor who doesn’t tell you how to do things.

Nice to meet you!

My name is Giada, I’m a Soulful Mentor and through my online journeys I help you develop your leadership to achieve your idea of success, in work and in life, without giving up your soul or time for yourself.

Working with me means redefining your ideas around power, money and work until you are ready to claim your freedom and build the change you dream of bringing to the world.

I believe in dreaming big and daring to do things even when you’re afraid, in deep connection with your nature and desires, and in the power of tenacity, and I believe these are the key ingredients to success.

I’ve decided that it’s time to break the cages in which the patriarchy has been forcing us for too long, making us believe that we can never live up to our dreams of glory, that in order to achieve something we must necessarily give up a piece of our soul, that being content is the only possible destiny for those who are not born with a particular genius or fortune.

I’ve built my work to make it the spark awakening new leaders all over the planet and I want to make a revolution by giving power back to women, teaching them to transform their own reality first, and then the world.

I’m the right person for you if you want to stop laying low and living up to other people’s expectations and you’re ready to go all the way to get what’s yours.

“Ok, but really, what is it you do for me?”

  • I take you from confusion to clarity about who you really are and what contribution you can bring to the world.
  • I teach you how to build a business tailored to your needs, that in addition to making money leads you to enjoy life and make a difference to the causes that matter to you.
  • I accompany you as you change your mindset until you realize that the power to achieve your dreams belongs to you and is in no way dependent on external factors.
  • I push you to free yourself from all the social and family expectations that don’t belong to you, to find a path that is truly, only yours.
  • Using my favorite tool, goddesses’ archetypes, I teach you to connect with your intuition through a personal spiritual practice (which has nothing to do with religion), so that you never feel disconnected and misaligned with yourself again.
  • I help you develop the courage to show yourself for who you are in your entirety, to bring the change you desire into the world starting with small steps in your everyday life.
  • I guide you to create an aligned method to transform your life and your work, eliminating everything you don’t really want to make room for the abundance you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Even when you feel powerless, I show you by example that dreaming big and achieving amazing things is possible, even for you, whatever your starting reality.
  • I use my leadership and charisma to get you to recognize and ignite yours: yes, even when you think you don’t have any.
  • The online journeys I create become spaces for sisterhood where your leadership can manifest and grow supported by other women, without judgment.

Do not call me coach

One of the things my clients tell me most often is that I’m different from all the other coaches: well, that’s because I’m not a coach, or at least that’s not all I am. Yes, I have two top notch masters in coaching and yes, coaching is one of the tools I use in my courses and journeys, but being a Soulful Mentor is something more.

It’s transforming every grain of personal and professional experience into a lesson for you who choose me as your guide.

It’s putting all my empathy at your service when you work with me, to create new paths that are always tailored to you.

It’s about leaving schools, notions and pre-established systems to create, together with you, a road to success that didn’t exist before and that has everything to do with your way of doing things, not mine.

My Soulful Mentoring cannot be studied in books or found anywhere else because it is closely connected with my charisma and leadership, with my unique ability to combine spirituality and pragmatism, business background and professional creativity, unbendable ethics and inspired work: it is not made of titles, rules and systems, it is a harmonious and elegant set of my skills, character and history that I can’t wait to share with you.

From me you can expect motivation and confidence, an extraordinary ability to give you clarity and bring you straight to the point you need to touch to transform yourself, revolutionary ideas and inspiration, empathy and a great attention to your spiritual side, but given my Italian blood you can also expect a good dose of determination and inflexibility and some good tough love when needed, because too much indulgence does not always help the results and I intend to offer you nothing less than excellence, whatever you choose me as your mentor for. 

Wanna know me better?


My life has definitely been adventurous and I like to chat: this is where I tell you all about my origins, the gazillion cities I’ve lived in, how I got here, and the existential crankies that led me to create my work. Spoiler: they might be the same ones you feel right now, so you better take a look if you’re planning to get rid of them!


I grew up in a magical island, Sardinia, surrounded by spectacular nature and a tribe of women with a strong and stubborn character. When I was a teenager my favorite occupations were writing, singing, reading novels and philosophy books and dreaming of when I could finally move to a big city.

From the age of 16 onwards I travelled the world as much as I could, I had a thousand interests and an underlying frustration that I could not understand, let alone heal: in an attempt to get rid of it I studied comparative literature and foreign languages at university, I took theater and dance classes, I dabbled into unusual interests such as tarot, runes and shamanism, I worked as a make-up artist in fashion and as a trainer, for my whole country, for the largest chain of beauty stores in the world.

I lived in six different cities and after working for 13 years in retail in different multinationals, mostly belonging to the beauty industry, in December 2015 I quit my job and in January 2016 I started my own business, obviously among a thousand paranoias and an annoying voice that constantly repeated “Ohmygoddess I’ll never make it, I’ll end up under a bridge!” in the background.

Except that I’m a woman, I’m Sardinian and I’m a Scorpio, so, with all the determination that distinguishes me thanks to this lethal triad of characteristics, I didn’t listen to said annoying voice and I went on, stubborn as a mule, until my business took off.

By June 2016, I no longer needed to dip into my savings because my business covered my expenses entirely, and by September 2016, I started earning more than what I was making in my last job. In 2017, my second year of business, I almost tripled the turnover of the first year, and in 2018 I broke through the 100,000€ ceiling already in September: practically a miracle in the Italian market!

Why do I put the emphasis on earnings? No, it’s not because I love money (although I really do), but because it’s the turnover that distinguishes a job from a hobby and because one of my missions is to make you stop looking the other way when it comes to accounts and money: believe me, nothing helps empowerment like being in control of your finances and I can prove it to you!

In fact, it is thanks to financial freedom that I have been able to make so many of my dreams come true: I take at least three long holidays a year traveling around the world, I have my own studio and then finally, after 14 years of living in various cities far from my island, I moved back home to Sardinia, to finally enjoy nature, a slower pace of life, a house with a garden and the sea, whenever I want.

At the end of 2018 I became a full-fledged entrepreneur, opening my first company in the Canary Islands and starting to live there during the six coldest months, while still spending the six warm months in Sardinia, in the small country village where I bought my first home.

Now I am committed to changing the world through my work by awakening other leaders through my maieutic journeys, I have a team of twelve wonderful women helping me along the road to my first million, I dedicate myself to my business with enthusiasm for a few hours a day and the rest of the time I enjoy joyful days at a strictly slow and relaxed pace, whether I am in my country home in Sardinia or in my sea view apartment in the Canaries.

In recent years, and after turning into reality dreams that seemed too crazy to be attainable, I realized that if you want to be happy it does not matter where you are and what situation you’re in, what matters most is your desire to change things and how much you are willing to commit to do so, starting by embracing every part of you and every emotion, because every aspect of us serves our dreams if we stop trying to chase it away.


I love what I do, but don’t you think a resounding “boriiinggg” every time someone shoptalks ALL THE TIME? Well, I do, and I’m always curious as a monkey, so I think you need to learn a lot of frivolous and useless things about me too: otherwise how can we really know each other?


I think the three things I love most in the world are traveling, eating and studying, although choosing is difficult when, like me, you are a Scorpio with a Sagittarius rising and a Taurus Moon and consequently you are inhabited by endless passions, one more poignant than the other.

For example I’m also passionate about foreign languages (the more absurd the better, so much so that I studied Hungarian and Bulgarian among others), cinema and TV series, archetypes and history of religions, rugby, interior design and drag queen shows, in short all interests that are perfectly coherent when you’re me: I used to fret over what seemed like impossible-to-dissolve internal contradictions, then I discovered that all those inner nuances are exactly what makes me me, and I stopped caring.

So I simultaneously enjoy going on adventures with only a backpack, not knowing what I’m going to do tomorrow in the remote Asian village I ended up in and wearing the same outfit for three days, and staying in luxury resorts ordering room service for everything, ’cause there’s no way I’m going to walk to the restaurant; I’m the laziest and the least sporty person in the world, but I’ll never turn down a ten-kilometer trek in the jungle if you propose it to me; I’m a patented introverted who recharges her batteries in total solitude and silence, but I’ve chosen a job that brings me into daily contact with thousands of people through my communication channels.

I like to surround myself with beauty in my homes, which I always live as sanctuaries taking care of every detail, I love to take pictures and write by hand in beautiful journals with my favorite colored pens, nature is my heart place and I love to soak in salt and sand on the coasts of my mother island staying on the beach until after sunset, when the water becomes gray and warm and the wind dies down bringing to me that scent of Mediterranean that I will never get tired of breathing.

I’m obsessed with many things, like order, politics, big tattoos full of meaning, Vikings, men with long hair and beards, fine teas that I buy on every trip, German literature, ivy covered houses with huge English style windows, the sound of the ocean, involuntary naps in front of the fireplace, luxury candles.

I loathe noise and loud music in the morning, ignorance one is guilty of, not-slow-enough breakfasts, the TV on when there are guests, being interrupted while I’m doing something, bread crumbs getting soft in the salad.

I am utterly intolerant of those who complain all the time without doing anything to change, those who take refuge in the definition of multipotentialite to never make a choice or take action, those who blame their unhappiness on external circumstances, those who are knowingly racist or sexist, and last but not least people who take up the entire sidewalk when they walk, obviously very slow.

I have a fiery temperament that I have learned to keep at bay with diplomacy when it’s strategically the best thing to do, I like to speak in public and ignite people with my enviable dialectics, if I had not been born in Italy I would have chosen a political career to quickly change my country and so much revolutionary verve is all concentrated in forty-nine kilos and one meter fifty-six: I warn you, so when we meet in person you will not tell me that you had always imagined me tall because of my moral stature! 😛


My values are omnipresent in my work: they are the impetus from which it was born, the direction that informs everything, the guiding words with which I systematically tire my teams ears off to make sure they pervade every grain of your experience with me. And so could I possibly avoid telling you too about them? Obviously not, so…



It’s when all people, taking into account their needs and specificities, are given the same rights, the same access to opportunities and the same chances to achieve success.



It’s the possibility to realize your full potential, to be who you are to the fullest and without hesitation, to live, love and work as you wish, provided of course that this does not harm anyone.



It’s the desire for a connection with the Sacred and Its disciplined and constant search. It is fulfilling our mission on this earth and becoming who we were born to be.



It’s the ability to do big and difficult things with pleasure and without giving up anything, the reversal of the paradigm that work must be labour and success always requires the sacrifice of a part of ourselves.



It’s the continuous search for new challenges and the courageous exploration of our soul, shadows included. It is the attempt, closely related to spirituality, to get closer and closer to our true nature.



It’s being transparent at all costs, being a sincere and ethical example, always saying what you think and showing people also what is uncomfortable and they don’t want to see, if it helps them grow.



It’s being fair and empathetic to other people, it’s leaving room for emotions and not just a robotic rationality, and it’s also being vulnerable and cultivating a serene relationship with failure.

Revolutionary Dreams

When I decided to change my life, it wasn’t because I was a particularly forward-thinking and revolutionary person, but because at that moment my life sucked so much that I had to change it or the prospect of continuing to live it would have been really depressing.

I was heartbroken after the end of a troubled love story, I had a meaningless job with an unbearable boss, I lived in a boring city where I had to move for work and so all my friends were far away, I was working hard shifts eating whenever I could for a salary that often didn’t even reach the end of the month, I was crying my eyes out while lying on the bed staring at the ceiling at least once a day, and I was going through my days all the same in total apathy, because looking at my future not a single thing excited me: not exactly a marvel, right?

You see that the decision to radically change my life was inevitable: therefore, once I got tired of feeling sorry for myself, I rolled up my sleeves, went to therapy, applied for a new job, and started studying a lot of new things that over time have led me to create what has become my beloved company.

The successful entrepreneur I am today was born out of that terrible moment when, back in 2014, I was finally able to dream my way out of it and I put that way out down on paper on a page of my journal in what seemed to me, at the time, an unattainable vision. Here’s what that page reads:


“I’m in my magical, cozy studio drinking a luxurious tea. I’m happy and relaxed and about to leave for a few days of relaxation at my favorite five-star resort. I own a beautiful company, full of meaning and making the world a better place, working very little and only doing things I enjoy. I have a hundred thousand euros in the bank and I earn a hundred thousand a year, I can travel as much as I want and buy whatever I want without worrying about my bank account. I have a house overlooking the sea surrounded by greenery and I live in a place where it’s always warm. I have many inspiring and interesting friends to share my spirituality and life perspective with, and I’m with a man who loves me as I am, who’s always there for me and is willing to work on himself for the sake of our relationship when necessary. I always feel grounded and free, and everything about my life and my future makes me excited.”

I have a big smile on my face as I reread these lines, both because today every single word I wrote has become a reality and because I see how much, over time, I’ve learned to dream bigger, better, with more detail and confidence in my possibilities.

I remember that when I wrote these words everything seemed like an impossible and distant dream, I had no clarity on how I could turn those desires of mine into reality, but after seeing them in black and white I realized that my soul dreamed of all this so much that it hurt, and so I promised myself that I would not rest until I had satisfied it.

With great determination I first dedicated myself to finding out what to do to turn those imaginary lines into a reality and then I built that reality step by step, one small action at a time, never giving up in the face of failure and returning to that vision whenever necessary.

As I write these words for you I’m actually in my cozy magical studio, about to leave for my favorite resort for a few days of relaxation with a friend and I’m not drinking tea only because it’s really hot today in my sea view Canarian apartment. I have built a wonderful company that continues to change the lives of many women and consequently the world on a daily basis, and I can finally work just a few hours a day thanks to my team, which takes care of so many things allowing me to enjoy days full of pleasure and freedom, in the company of my friends and my now historical boyfriend (arrived in 2014). The money I have in the bank and the money I earn every year is much more than I wanted then, and when I’m not traveling I split my time between the Canary Islands and my home surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of my island, Sardinia. I can say that I am completely happy and that I now have an inner solidity that not even a worldwide pandemic has been able to scratch.

I’m not telling you all this to brag – even if acknowledging your own successes is a good and right thing and every woman should learn to brag about them publicly, for the sake of her own self-esteem and to get rid of the patriarchy one self-congratulation at a time – but to give you an example of what you can achieve if only you allow yourself to dream of things that seem impossible to you, like the ones I wrote about back in 2014 seemed impossible to me, and to convey to you the message of hope and possibility that you need to hear if you’re just now in a terrible place in your life like I was then.

Of course, dreams don’t come true by themselves just because we “send them into the Universe”: it takes commitment, action and determination to transform your circumstances, but it’s from the possibility of dreaming a different reality that everything starts and if you’re reading these words of mine I want to remind you that whatever your starting point, the power to dream something different for yourself is always yours.

So dream, dare to imagine everything you have always been told was not possible, allow yourself to see yourself as different and bigger than any known expectation or story: it’s through the power of dreams that you can make revolutions happen.