About me

My name is Giada, I’m a Soulful Mentor and I help you build a successful business without compromising on what matters most in your life.

I believe in dreaming big and daring to dare despite your fears. I believe in nurturing a profound connection with your own self and your dreams. I believe in the power of perseverance. And I also believe that these are the ingredients that lead to success.

What can you expect from me? Ideas, inspiration, empathy and a strong focus on your spiritual self. Also, a good amount of inflexibility and the right amount of tough love, as over-the-top indulgence isn’t always the smartest choice. I am here to provide excellent mentoring on wherever our common journey may lead.

I’m the best fit for you when you need to stop messing around and achieve your goals, strike a balance between work and play, take your freelance business to the next level or simply earn more. Work/life balance, creative planning, wealth, inspired marketing and affluence are my forte – I help you progress using a novel approach, based on a unique mix of common sense and spirituality.

I dream of a world where women are fulfilled, self-confident, where they demand their fair share, and are free to choose their path, without having to carry the burden of other people’s expectations. My mentoring business is my contribution to that ideal world, because I believe that women’s liberation starts with work and self-sufficiency.

Don’t call me “coach”!

My clients often tell me I am different from all the other coaching experts out there. Well, that’s because I’m not a coach – at least, that’s not all I am. Indeed, I took t full-fledged master course in coaching; and, coaching is one of the tools I use for my mentoring courses and programmes (or journeys, as I call ‘em). But being a Soulful Mentor is much more.


My Soulful Mentoring method cannot be found in books or elsewhere, because it originated from my unique ability to blend spirituality and practicality, a corporate background and entrepreneurial creativity, solid ethics and inspired marketing. My method isn’t based on a set of titles, rules and systems. It’s an elegant, harmonious combination of my skills, personality and story. And I can’t wait to share it with you.

My story

I was grew up on a magical Italian island, Sardinia, surrounded by breath-taking nature and a tribe of strong diehard women. As a teenager, I indulged in writing, singing, reading novels and philosophy books – oh, and fantasizing about the blissful moment when I could finally live in a big city.

At 16 I took off. I travelled the world as much as I could, picked up countless hobbies and yet suffered from a fundamental feeling of frustration I could neither explain nor fix. In an attempt to satisfy my soul, I studied obscure languages and comparative literature at uni; took acting and dancing lessons; investigated unusual traditions such as runes, tarot and shamanism; worked as a make-up artist for the fashion industry, and as a national-level trainer for the biggest beauty franchise in the world.

I’ve lived in more than 6 different cities, and after 13 years of retail experience at several international corporations I finally cut myself loose. It was December 2015. In January 2016 I started my own business, regardless of the cautionary voice in my head and the fear of having to live the rest of my life under a bridge.

But I’m a diehard, a Sardinian woman, and a Scorpio. A deadly mix of guts and perseverance. So, I kept ignoring the voice in my head and endured until my business really took off.

By June 2016 my business and I were self-sufficient. In September, I started earning more than I did as an employee. In 2017, my second year as a freelancer, I almost tripled my income compared to the first year; and in 2018 I earned 100K+ over just three quarters. Making big bucks is not “an American thing”!

Why am I talking money? Well, because money marks the difference between a hobby and a job. Also, because one of my many missions is to help you stop shying away from money and budgets. Nothing fosters empowerment like being in control of your finances – and I can back that up!

With financial freedom, many dreams of mine came true. I now enjoy longer trips and holidays at least three times a year. I work from my own studio. And, after 14 years of wandering around, I returned to my island – Sardinia – to revel in nature, a sweet-and-slow lifestyle, a home with a magnificent garden and my beloved sea.

At the end of 2018 I closed my Italy-based freelance business to become a full-fledged entrepreneur, and opened my first company based on the Canary Islands. And now I’m getting the best of both worlds: summer in Sardinia, winter at the Canaries.

Over the years, I realised that finding happiness isn’t about your circumstances or where you live. It’s about your resolve to achieve your goals, and the effort you’re willing to invest in your project.

Want to say hello? Come meet me on my Facebook group or on Instagram. Want to know what I’m up to? My weekly Soulful Mail is just what you need. Want to find out more about how I changed my life? Scroll down a bit.

Random facts about me
  • Exploring new countries and tasting food from all over the world.
  • Taking pictures – and posting them on Instagram.
  • Staying at the beach until sunset and beyond.
  • Drinking fine teas – and hoarding them when travelling.
  • Writing on lustrous notebooks with her favoured coloured pens.
  • Hours-long reading sessions in her studio – immersed in silence and undisturbed.
  • Feasting on movies and TV series on Netflix.
  • Long-haired men (even though her partner has short hair).
  • Falling asleep close to a crackling fire.
  • Tattoos. Huge, beautiful ones.
  • All things Viking.
  • Watching rugby, with and rarely without beer and crisps.
  • Ivy-enclosed homes with huge windows.
  • The scent of the macchia.
  • Indulging in long candle-lit dinners with soft music in the background.
  • Reading beauty-infused magazines, in English.
  • Listening to the sound of ocean waves and watching them break on the rocks.
  • Speaking foreign languages.
  • Noise and loud music in the mornings.
  • Quick and careless breakfasts.
  • Eating or chatting with the TV on.
  • Being interrupted when working on a task.
  • Soggy bread crumbs soaked in salad dressing.
  • Chauvinism.
  • Slang-spelling.
  • The all-Italian fling for random (and misspelled) English idioms.
  • Serial moaners.
  • Alarm clock-induced wakeups.
  • People obstructing the footpath as they walk. Slowly.
  • Bad grammar.
My business story

How did I get here? By being attentive to myself and looking for a way to combine my apparently divergent tendencies towards structured work and spirituality. Foremost, by following my innate curiosity and studying tirelessly.
As a result, I have lived a wealth of fundamental experiences and met many extraordinary women along the way. And since I’m a true believer in the power of sisterhood, I want you to meet them too. You will find them all here, alongside the milestones of my business story.


In 2001, at 16, I read Book of Shadows by Phyllis Curott for the first time – and it changed my spiritual journey forever. Thanks to Phyllis – who later became my teacher for several years – I have also met some of my dearest friends.

In 2003 I started studying modern languages and literature at the Sapienza in Rome. I studied German, Hungarian and Bulgarian with an aim to become a comparative literature professor. But halfway during the last year I quit, for I had realised that I really didn’t want to work in academia.
2003 – cont.
In 2003 I started working as a part-time sales assistant at an international corporation. That was the starting point of my career in retail – mostly within the beauty industry. I soon moved to a full-time position and in 2006 I became a store manager. I ran several shops and departments up until 2014, when I became a national-level trainer for one of the biggest beauty franchise brands worldwide. Over this time, I worked with various female supervisors – and I learned from each one of them, even though it wasn’t always easy or pain-free.

In 2004 I met my best friend, Ilaria Ruggeri, at a workshop held by Phyllis Curott. Ilaria is like a sister to me, and it feels like our lives move on parallel trails. We shared more than words could ever communicate – and I firmly believe that we wouldn’t be where we are now if we hadn’t been there for one another along the way.


In 2014 I joined an e-course by Gioia Gottini, who is now a dear friend of mine. The course made me realise that I longed to run my own business. The following year, I worked with Gioia on my personal branding and defined my first business idea.


In 2015 I undertook a coaching master course by Accademia della Felicità. My teacher was Francesca Zampone – yet another special woman I am honoured to call my friend.


In 2016 I polished my brand communication strategy with Micaela Terzi. I also learned a lot from following extraordinary women online (I call them my “remote mentors”): Melyssa Griffin, Marie Forleo, Melissa Cassera and Gabby Bernstein.

2016 cont.

In 2016 I also met my WordPress girl, Ljuba Daviè, and the perfect accountant, Carlotta Cabiati. Our business relationships grew alongside true friendship. They’re my go-to experts for website and taxes stuff, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.


In 2017 my team grew. I met Alessandra Martelli, my dream translator, and Monica Spinazzola, my first invaluable assistant.

2017 cont.

At the end of 2017 I focused on rebranding my business, with the precious help of Anna Bassano for the conceptual design and Tamara Berlaffa for my visual identity. I also started a year-long online course on creative marketing with Melissa Cassera and a private business coaching program with Jenny Shih to take my business to the next level.


At the beginning of 2018 I launched my new website, created by yours truly with a little help from my friend Ljuba for the trickiest stuff. I also started a six-month private training program on Instagram with Rita Bellati. And a year-long course with Carrie-Anne Moss and her Fierce Grace Collective to nurture and prioritise my spirituality as my business grows. In 2018 I also decided to launch my services on English-speaking markets and launched my first company, based in the Canary Islands.