What you can learn from me

Here you can find all my services, which help you reach an ideal work and life balance, attract more abundance and grow your soulful business through an inspired marketing which won’t make you give up your soul.

Since I’ve been a corporate trainer for ages, before starting my own business, I know everyone has a favourite way to learn, which is why you can choose to work with me with your formula of choice between individual Soulful Mentoring, group programmes and on demand courses to follow online all by yourself.

On demand


How can you build a successful business if you don’t even allow yourself to wish for it? Stop playing small right now and start dreaming big with this course, to determine once and for all where your business is going! 


Are you in a complicated relationship with money? It’s time to turn it into a great marriage with this awesome course: ready to get rid of your limits, make peace with money and let abundance in your life and your wallet?


The newsletter of your dreams brings you an incredible amount of sales, you write it at unbelievable speed and your readers wait for it with anticipation. The only problem is that your real newsletter actually sucks!

Soulful Mentoring


The good thing about Soulful Mentoring is that it can fit like a glove: are you extra demanding or at a time in your life when none of my courses suits you? No problem, we’ll create your dream programme in no time! 


An amazing community, eight months of work and my complete support for your growth. Have you always dreamt about a single programme that acts on every single aspect of your business? Here it is, but only if you’re brave enough.


Wouldn’t it be a dream to have a year of constant support to build a real entrepreneurial mindset, support the growth of your business with creative spiritual practices and bring your impact (and income!) to another level?