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Any questions, doubts, a specific request or something you’d like to share with me? Get in touch! You can use the form below or write an e-mail to me directly at

O Technical issues
Got into trouble when viewing or accessing content on my website, in the newsletter or at my online school? Send your message, and my team will help you as soon as possible. We reply within 24 hours, Monday through Friday. If you e-mail us on Friday afternoon or over the weekend, we’ll get back to you the next Monday.

O Information on services and courses
I beg you: before you write, read the Service sales page from top to bottom – and carefully. Service pages are long indeed, but for a good reason: they include all sorts of information and details on your chosen course or programme. So, make sure the answer you need isn’t there already. Made it through the page, but still unsure? E-mail me, and I’ll gladly get back to you asap.

O Private mentoring programmes
Want to work with me and start a customised mentoring journey that suits your needs? Please read this for an overview of the areas I can help you with, how private mentoring works, and jumpstart prices. Then, fill in the questionnaire you find on that page to get the ball rolling.

O Interviews, guest posts, events and in-person courses
Want me to write a guest post for your blog, join you for an interview, create a course for you or speak at your event? Please send me an e-mail with info and details – including your website stats or expected attendance for your course or event.

O Freelance Fridays
Want to join me as a guest on my Freelance Fridays? Feel free to apply. Please include your contacts, social channels and website in your e-mail, alongside your preferred topics.

O Thanks and personal stories
Always welcome, never enough – in fact, my inbox has a treasured “Nice stuff” folder I refer to whenever I’m having a bad day. Even though I don’t get to reply personally anymore, my team forwards all incoming notes to me – and I’m grateful for each, more than words could ever express!


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Let’s get social


Instagram is my favourite social network. I’m often around, and I have a tendency to share even the tiniest things, after all this is what spirituality is all about, isn’t it? Come find me for a joyful fix of inspiration, and to know what’s going on in my life!


My group is always updated with any news about my services and the latest things I created, and it’s where the real action is: it’s called *Soulfulpreneurs* and it’s the place to be to make your business explode… In a good way, of course!


Instagram might be my favourite social network, but Pinterest is second best! That’s where I collect my personal inspiration and share it with you, on eye-catching boards infused with beauty and creativity.