Soulful Vision

When you decide to launch or tweak your own freelance business, you might feel lost and at the mercy of circumstances or clients – i.e. as if your business results didn’t depend on you but on the clients’ willingness to buy your products or services.

Without a clear vision of your dream job to light up your business journey, losing sight of the reasons why you decided to fly solo is oh-so-easy. Losing motivation and self-confidence is even easier. As a result, you might end up feeling drained, caught in the midst of “doing stuff” just because you think that people would like “that stuff” – regardless of your true calling and objectives.

But launching a business is a bit like entering into a relationship. And healthy relationships are not based on distorting your ideals or compromising your values. Let me tell you, backed by experience: the more you stay true to yourself and your dreams, the more your business thrives.

And that’s exactly why I created Soulful Vision: to help you stay true to yourself and create a clear, brassbound vision of your dream business. 


• Keep wondering what the secret of the coolest businesses out there is, and think that you’ll never get there.

Have a clear business idea but struggle to bring it to life.

• Decided to fly solo and need to get off to a good start.

• Feel like your freelance business needs some tweaks… but cannot figure out what to change to get the results you want.

• Wish for a magic wand that would help you make all your bold business ideas come true.

• Feel like circumstances are hindering your business success: think location, economic downturn, competitors and whatnot.

Cannot envision the future of your business and keep going day by day, at the mercy of too many tasks to tackle.

• Feel like you lack a clear overview of your business and you’re constantly missing out.

Are not getting the results you wish for despite all the hard work, and you don’t know where your business is heading.

• Achieved good business results but now feel stuck in a rut and cannot figure out how to take your business move to the next level.

Soulful Vision © Giada Carta


7 interactive lessons – one a day for seven days.

Exercises to help you pinpoint your vision.

• A list of books and useful resources you can use to delve into the training course’s topics while you’re at it or after you completed it.

• Unlimited 24/7 access to all course materials, forever.

• The ability to think big even if your business is still small.

Enhanced clarity regarding your business-related dreams and hopes.

A purpose map you can refer back to when you feel stuck on a business decision.

How Soulful Vision works & pricing

Soulful Vision is an online course including 7 lessons that will help you define a 360° overview of your business, the big picture, so you can work and live on your own terms.

When you buy Soulful Vision, for 197 $, you receive an e-mail with instructions on how to access the course on my online school. When you log in for the first time, the training course starts and you can work on one lesson a day for a week. A daily e-mail reminder will tell you when the new materials are ready for you.

With unlimited lifetime access to the course materials, you can go back to the lessons and exercises at any time. You can also retake the course from start to finish – your choice. This will help you navigate the training course according to your own needs and schedule.

Soulful Vision – Full Program

This lesson helps you explore your true self, your authentic desires and the way you want to manage your life and business. Start dreaming big!
In this lesson, you define what “business on your terms” means. You also nail down your priorities and your core services/products.
This lesson helps you reflect on your business mission and on your professional and personal motivation, to create a manifesto you can refer back to when you feel lost.
In this lesson, you determine your income goals (short-term and long-term). You also learn how to set realistic income goals, without holding yourself back.
In this lesson, you envision your dream business location and the workspace you’ve always longed for – which will soon be yours.
This lesson helps you narrow down the tasks you’d like to delegate, and teaches you how to pick your dream team members. Yes, even if you just launched your business and still need to break even. And yes, even if the idea of having a “dream team” to back you up is years from where you are now. To achieve your future goals, you need to start dreaming big today!
Time to wrap it up! In this lesson, you create a summary of your dream business, convert it into images for a lively reminder, and create an action plan to give it life according to your own time schedule.